Hosted by: Rita Pira

A raw, real, and potentially triggering podcast that will elevate your frequency and inspire you to get into alignment to live your purpose and make an impact while helping you bridge the gaps between where and who...


How Your Entire Life Transforms When You Fuel Your Body (ft Molly Patrick of Clean Food Dirty Girl)

Season #2 Episode #32

Clean Food Dirty Girl’s mission is to help people eat more plants while finding joy in doing so. Tune in to hear Molly Patrick and Rita vibe on everything plant-based, spirituality, addiction, self-love, forgiveness,...
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Get Enlightened, Feel Empowered, and Evolve into Your Highest Self with Bee Bosnak

Season #2 Episode #31

Bee Bosnak is a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Entrepreneur. She's based in New York City and brings her vast knowledge of studies in psychospirituality, philosophy, mythology, mantras, tarology, yoga and meditation...
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Creating Your Own Lane (ft Hala Taha of the Young and Profiting Podcast and YAP Media)

Season #2 Episode #30

Hala Taha is a force to be reckoned with. She shows up with passion, purpose, and determination as a Middle Eastern woman creating her own lane when someone or something gets in the way. She is the host of the Young...
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The Real Reason(s) You're Single (ft Celebrity Love & Relationship Coach NICOLE MOORE)

Season #2 Episode #29

Ooh! Do I have a treat for you today! I met this gorgeous soul on Clubhouse recently and it was such a vibe that I had to have her come on this show. She did not disappoint! You will love this episode because we vibe...
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You Cannot Have What You're Not Willing to Become (ft Adam Roa)

Season #2 Episode #28

Artist, Poet, Coach, and an all around amazing human (and apparently part time comedian?), Adam Roa, schools you (and me) in this episode like we've never been schooled before. We talk about childhood traumas,...
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The Secrets to Manifesting Your Dream Man/Woman (and how I did it)

Season #2 Episode #27

So...I manifested my dream man at Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference this past weekend in Miami. In this episode, I break down all the things that had to happen in order for this to have manifested.  Throughout...
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How I Manifested 30K in Sales from Coaching & My Dream Apartment (in February)

Season #2 Episode #26

I was a world class insecure people pleaser and queen of self sabotage with severe imposter syndrome and a splash of trust and “daddy issues”. I was also extremely codependent, needy, full of self-doubt and feared...
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How to Manifest Anything You Want

Season #2 Episode #25

In this episode Rita catches you up on her latest manifestations and how you can manifest your dreams and deepest desires.  Here's some of what you'll learn: [14:09] how to manifest whatever you want [15:02] Where...
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5 Simple Things That Will Transform Your Life

Season #2 Episode #24

This episode is full of powerful tips and high level coaching that you don't want to miss. Share this episode with everyone you know so they can improve their lives with these simple yet profound tips and inspiring...
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The Secret to Freedom, Success, & Outwitting the Devil (ft Sharon Lechter)

Season #2 Episode #23

Learn to live above the line, think and grow rich, identify your definite purpose and outwit the Devil with the one and only Sharon Lechter-a financial literacy expert, keynote speaker, business mentor, and New York...
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Your Free Coaching Session!

Season #2 Episode #22

The rawest and realest most vulnerable episode yet. Rita tells it like you need to hear it and makes you feel like you have to do whatever it is that you've been talking yourself out of. She helps you to realize that...
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Beat Imposter Syndrome & Live Your Purpose (ft Mike C-Roc)

Season #2 Episode #21

This episode is a banger! It was such a vibe. So much value, so much knowledge, so many gems and bombs dropped. You don't want to miss this one! Mike C-Roc is a major influencer in the business world. He’s passionate...
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