I’m Rita Pira

I am an award-winning teacher and Professor of Marketing, Sales, and Public Speaking turned international Intuitive Transformational Coach, Podcast Host, Retreat Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, and Speaker. 

My mission is to empower women to release, realign, and redesign their lives by achieving energetic alignment and embracing authenticity and courage to bring about powerful transformations and anifest their dreams into reality. 

Welcome home, sister. 

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Who was that girl?


I treaded lightly as I colored outside the lines my 20s - "just trying to BE ME doin what I wanna do" (channeling Brandy) ~ whatever that meant to my unconscious mind at the time, playing with the edges and pushing limits of what I was "allowed" to do while being careful to maintain a "good reputation" among the Assyrian Community in Chicago.

I struggled with body dysmorphia, self-sacrificing codependency, massively low self-esteem accompanied with caked on make-up and the obsessive need to be liked. My life was not my own and I didn't even know that it ran deeper than I could have ever imagined....

Everything changed in an instant.

Literally overnight.

"They're not gonna get me..."


I thought as I watched Dr. Andrew Saul, Charlotte Gerson, and David Avocado Wolfe shine a bright light on the darkness of the food and health care system in a documentary called Food Matters.

I watched from my parents' couch streaming Netflix on my PS3, feeling fat, depressed, and lost in life.

My soul was activated by what I learned and it changed my entire life path because I decided in that moment to be mindful and intentional in taking care of the vessel my soul is occupying - and of the energy I consume.

Nourishing my vessel opened up a whole new world in my mind. The clarity was accompanied by a voice I never noticed before. 




This voice wanted to do things that would have been deemed "wrong" according to the systems I was born into.

She didn't want to get married yet, or at all for that matter.

She wanted to move out and travel, she wanted to be spontaneous and take risks that the logical mind said no to.
This voice wanted to LIVE bigger, bolder, braver...

This internal (and external) battle led me to a spiritual awakening known as "the dark night of the soul".

I spent time in therapy, found myself in deep spiritual journeys and spent countless hours in self-work only to finally realize that I was out of alignment with my true self and that I didn’t have to be what anyone else wanted me to be.

I realized that in trying to be a "good girl" and please others was robbing me of living my soul's purpose.

So instead, I decided to zero in on who I was at my core without the fear of judgement that flooded through my veins...

and I let that woman shine!

A world-traveling big-thinking visionary with goddess energy and a superpower for helping others discover their unique essence.


When I started showing up as her every day, my whole world changed.

Life became infinitely more of an adventure and the *magic* more and more prevalent.


I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me, and instead focused on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live my life.

I stopped comparing myself to others and instead embraced my own unique gifts and talents.

I started to take risks, and to trust in my own intuition and inner wisdom.

I started to truly believe in myself and my capabilities, and to take ownership of my life.

I fell in love with myself and spoke so highly to the me in the mirror.

I grew more confident and beautiful on the inside, which started to reflect on the outside.

I started to take courageous action on my dreams and goals.

I began to live life with intention and purpose to create the life I dreamed of.

By showing up as my true self every day, I am now living a life that is full of joy, passion, and purpose...and you can, too.

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