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I treaded lightly as I colored outside the lines my 20s - trying to BE ME (whatever that meant to my unconscious mind at the time), playing with the edges and pushing limits of what I was "allowed" to do while careful to maintain a "good reputation" among the Assyrian Community in Chicago.

I struggled with body dysmorphia, self-sacrificing codependency, massively low self-esteem accompanied with caked on make-up and the obsessive need to be liked. My life was not my own and I didn't even know that it ran deeper than I could have ever imagined....

Everything changed in an instant.

Literally overnight.

"They're not gonna get me..."


I thought as I watched Dr. Andrew Saul, Charlotte Gerson, and David Avocado Wolfe shine a bright light on the darkness of the food and health care system in a documentary called Food Matters.

I watched from my parents' couch streaming Netflix on my PS3, feeling fat, depressed, and lost in life.

My soul was activated by what I learned and it changed my entire life path. 

It took a lot of courageous YES's when the logical mind said NO. therapy, deep spiritual journeys, self-work and most of all, self-responsibility to finally realize that I was out of alignment with my true self and that I didn’t have to be what anyone wanted me to be, and in fact, doing that was robbing me of living my soul's purpose.

So instead, I decided to zero in on who I was at my core and let that woman shine—a world-traveling big-thinking visionary with goddess energy and a superpower for helping others discover their unique essence. I created my own personal brand and realized that when I started showing up as her every day, my whole world changed. Life became infinitely better, and I became infinitely more … “me.”