12 Ways to De-Stress and Heal Yourself

de-stress heal yourself healthy lifestyle holistic nourishment plant based self love stress stress remedy vegan wellness work Dec 09, 2022

If you're like most women, you find yourself not having time to take care of yourself (like eating nourishing foods, having a morning routine that brings your emotional body into balance), or putting yourself at all for that matter. 

We're so programmed to take care of other people that we neglect ourselves. 

The magic in taking excellent care of ourselves is that we get to have more energy, mind clarity, and overall vitality so that those that we want to (or have to take care of) get us at our best - which in turn is more nourishing and inspires them to be their best as well.

If you're in a constant state of stress, it could be that you're addicted to the energy or emotion connected to being or feeling stressed (perhaps from your childhood environment or someone close to you that you witnessed as a child) or that you have a story in the background (your subconscious) that says you need to be busy or productive to be worthy

It's important to identify thought patterns behind a behavior or negative feelings about something, especially where there might be evidence of being "emotionally addicted"  - where you might be recreating the same familiar energy (that might be toxic).

When you change behaviors, different chemicals flow in the body.

I don’t want to freak you out, but stress is acidic and causes the lymphatic system to get clogged up…

I am on day 5 of my Chinese Medicine Detox in Bali, and my teacher said that stress from work produces the same levels of acidity in the body as eating a cheese burger and fries every day. Gross.

Here are some ways to balance your physical and emotional body:

Before you put something in your body, ask yourself:
Will this cleanse and nourish me?
Or will it clog and create dis-ease?

⚡️keep your colon clean (get a colonic once or do enemas, and do a cleanse 2x a year)
⚡️drink ionized water - I have a kangen machine (dm me if you’re interested in learning about this)
⚡️Avoid alcohol and refined sugars
⚡️Avoid overeating (makes your body stressed trying to digest all the things)
⚡️Maintain regular meal times (the body loves a routine)
⚡️Eat mostly fruits and veggies (if you eat animal flesh)
⚡️Avoid processed food (anything in a bag or box, or fast food)
⚡️Sleep! Rest is the best detox for your body! It allows your organs to do their thing and restore your body.
⭐️Avoid overworking! Bring your body to relax with things that make you feel good. For me it’s yoga, meditation, coloring, journaling, going for a walk.
⚡️Move your body every day or your lymphatic system won’t release toxins!
⚡️Replace your metal tooth fillings. Wtf! Get that poison out of your mouth!

⭐️Do something that you love and brings you joy every singe day! Make it a priority! You deserve it and it will make you healthier, happier, and it’ll impact those around you as well!



Leave a comment with things you do that nourish your mind, body, and soul!

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