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I didn’t “have the money” for this apartment, but I knew my soul yearned for it and that I’d be taken care of if I said YES.

I KNEW it would all work out.

This YES would elevate what “I believe” is possible for me and I knew the money would come.

Let's rewind a bit back to April 2020, the beginning of the pandemic… I left a relationship because I was being mistreated, my light was dimmed, and I lost myself…

The “safer” and financially LOGICAL thing would have been to stay…

But I left and instead of getting an apartment that was “just going to put a roof over my head” so I could “save money” because OMG I COULD LOSE MY JOB - IT’S A PANDEMIC…

I got a luxury apartment downtown San Diego…to elevate my environment - so I could recharge my light and thrive.

While I was there, I joined ANOTHER coaching program (even though I was already stretching myself financially by moving + needing more furniture - during a pandemic) BECAUSE I KNEW THE MONEY WOULD COME.

Coming to the end of my lease term, I found myself CRAVING natural light & DREAMING of floor to ceiling windows…when I suddenly had a thought, “it doesn’t have to be a dream. I can have it now.”

This apartment showed up “out of nowhere”

When I pulled up onto the “W hotel style” driveway, I felt the words vibrate throughout my body - RITA GETS TO LIVE HERE.

I nearly cried the moment I walked in. “Rita gets to live here, this is our new home, Frankie🐶”

The unit # was an angel # and it turned out that the rent had a 44 in it! $3,144 to be exact. $844 more than I was paying downtown San Diego when I left the relationship.

I thought to myself, “If I can’t make $844 more per month to elevate the shit out of my environment, then what am I even doing with my life?”

⚡️I made 30k my first month coaching after moving in⚡️

No funnels or systems or anything Just from speaking on @clubhouse People said, “you spoke to my soul” & joined my group coaching immediately (and they’re still with me)!

I called it in.

I manifested it.

Because I elevated my environment which elevated the way I felt & showed up every single day ⚡️🔮

Are you in an environment that could be elevated?

It’s not just WHERE you live that makes up your environment.

This is one of the ways I’ve manifested abundance throughout my life.

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 XO Rita

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