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Holistic Coach - Speaker - Podcast Host - Yoga Teacher 

Having been born into an Assyrian family in Chicago, IL, Rita’s life was designed for her the moment she arrived. She tried to please her family, culture, and society by living up to the expectations and restrictions, but as she got older, she felt her soul yearning to burst out of the bubble she was born into; to be free and explore this thing called life.

Rita became raw/vegan and started juicing overnight in 2010 after watching a documentary called Food Matters that taught her about the corrupt food + pharma systems. As she only put fuel in her body, she noticed her mind becoming clear and started to hear her intuition and soul desires clearly which is what led her to coaching - to help people be more conscious of what they put in, on, and around their body to enhance their mind, body, soul connection.

She joined coaching programs, hired coaches, read every personal development book, listened to podcasts, and followed the greatest thought leaders of our time, and started peeling back the layers of who she thought she was supposed to be, stopped fearing the judgement of others and began living her life authentically to discover and fulfill her soul's purpose.

She started to allow her soul to lead the way by fully expressing herself in how she spoke, dressed, and lived her life...and it all started with food.

She started listening to and trusting her intuition when it wanted to say YES to risky opportunities and she took immediate action on her inspired ideas. She always knew that everything would work out - and magic happened.

Stepping outside of her comfort zone became a normal way of life.

Rita was manifesting before she knew what it was!

Saying yes in the face of uncertainty led Rita to be chosen out of thousands of people to be an mc on Vans Warped Tour for the truth(r) campaign which started it all and introduced her to the gift she didn’t know she had: public speaking and connecting with complete strangers.

This also led her to have more confidence in saying yes and trusting her soul, her intuition, her inspired ideas and desires. 

After Warped Tour, she went to Vegas for 3 days and on her last day she felt a nudge to stay (so she missed her flight on purpose) and ended up hanging out with Leo DiCaprio that night and later was stopped at the mall by a Casting Director and was put in The Hangover movie, where she takes up the entire screen and appears in the trailer.

Rita also was an award winning 5th grade teacher in AZ and went on to teach Public Speaking + Foundations of Marketing and Sales in NYC, and has been in sales and marketing for nearly two decades, and even copyedited a book that was published in 2019.

She currently teaches, inspires, and motivates people through her podcast, Trading Raw Stories, and her weekly Coaching Class, Ritafine Your Reality. She's also writing a book, creating a course, and hosting retreats.

To learn more about Rita, connect with her on Instagram @rawveganrita and listen to the podcast!




Practitioner– Entrepreneur - Philanthropist

As an Intuitive Practitioner, Ron is motivated by an individual’s commitment of deepening their personal health and spiritual wellbeing. An accomplished Reiki Master, Ron facilitates a healing modality he calls “Beeh Ji Zhoni – Beauty Within,” a divine state of being; in which the alignment of consciousness and spirituality is attained by setting positive intentions, practicing self love, and initiating self discipline to create an abundant and healthy lifestyle. 

Infused with Navajo and Usui Reiki traditions, Ron empowers clients to manifest a positive identity and heal their Chakra energy flows to sustain a positive physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well-being. Certified as a Usui Reiki Master, NCBTMB – Instructor, Ron has over 25 years experience in energy work, herbal treatments, and life coaching services; as well as facilitating large production events, social conscious movements, and brings a synergistic, yet assured presence to ensure a space of sanctuary that encourages a healthy social exchange within community. 

Ron Interpreter is a member of the Navajo Nation, with maternal relations of the “White Streak in a Rock” of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and parental relations of the “Many Goats” Clan of the Navajo Tribe. He is originally from the community of Forest Lake, located on Navajo Nation, and a father to three beautiful children. 

To learn more about Ron Interpreter, click the button below and connect with him on instagram @ron_interpreter

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