The Ultimate Juice Cleanse

by Rita Pira

"Food can either be the best form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison."

- Ann Wigmore


Your human experience will greatly improve the more you nourish your body.


Juicing is flooding your body with an abundance of nutrients in a short period of time and it gives your digestive system a break!


You'll have more energy, better sleep, and such mind clarity that you'll start becoming more conscious of your thoughts so that you are manifesting more of what you do want, instead of what you don't want.

Get excited!!


 Release 5-17 lbs in 3-5 days.

✔ Experience mind clarity, more energy, and better sleep. 

 Gain confidence, feel happier, heal from within, and connect to your intuition.

Flexible and EASY TO FOLLOW Juice Cleanse Plan with only 10 ingredients!

I want the cleanse!

The Ultimate Juice Cleanse



My personal tried and true SIMPLE & DELICIOUS recipes that have helped people lose 5-17 lbs in 3-5 days while they actually ENJOY their juice!


Find out exactly what produce to buy and how much! Only 10 ingredients!


Education after the cleanse so you turn your 3-5 days into a lifestyle.

Text/DM/Email Support!


All the things I've learned from Juicing since 2010 to help you make the most of your produce, make clean up easy, how to juice and drink properly, and more!  

I want the cleanse!

Hi! I'm Rita! 


I've been vegan and juicing since before it was cool! 

Back in the day when the day was back...

I was known as "The Juicing Queen"! 

It all started when I watched a documentary called Food Matters in 2010. It made me go "RAW VEGAN" overnight because I learned about how the food system is designed to get us sick 

(you can listen to my first podcast episode -Trading Raw Stories - for the details)

Now that I knew what I knew, I could not knowlingly poison myself, so I declared that I was going to be RAW VEGAN (no cooked food, no processed food, no meat, and no dairy)! 

I started with a 3 day juice cleanse that ended up being 31 days!

I FELT SO ALIVE that I wanted to keep going and I started making juice cleanses for people before they were a thing!


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