S5 Ep9 - Be Fearlessly Authentic & Courageous to Manifest Your Dreams

Season #5

In this episode, Rita talks about being back in Bali to attend the Embodied Wisdom Retreat + Facilitator Training she talked about in the episode with Shayna Hiller. She discusses how stuck energy lives in the womb, and releasing it unlocked her creativity which led her to going viral on Instagram (her reel currently has over 18million views and made all of her reels get 300K-900K views. She also gained about 60K followers that week)

Some topics that are covered in this episode through stories of her own, her clients, and friends as well as intuitively are:
clearing your channel
being fearlessly authentic
transmuting fear to acceptance and uncertainty into excitement, clearing stuck energy from stories and assumptions,
why you repeat patterns and stay in toxic environments or relationships,
self betrayal,
not being in integrity,
expressing your truth,
and she ends with a beautiful meditation for transmuting fear into love.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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