Season #5


If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw the reel I made where I was at Alchemy in Uluwatu, Bali and was completely captivated by a guy. My soul was drawn...magnetized...and we were glancing at each other here and there...

I FELT COMPELLED TO DO SOMETHING (ps a fly just landed on my laptop screen as I typed that, and if you know the thing with me and flies and 44s then you know, and if you're new round these parts, stick around and you'll see).

I felt called to write him a note and have it sent to him by a server - and that note turned into a poem...and just minutes before she gave it to him, something nudged me to capture his reaction because I knew it was going to be something special.

When we watched it, we both felt like we had to share it with the world. I had a feeling it would go viral...but not this viral!
Over 10.5 MILLION views at the time of me writing this, AND my entire IG blew up.
40K views on my stories
45K new followers
300K-1M views on damn near every single reel

People commented on my courage and how they yearned for confidence and courage to be I decided to create a Masterclass called Fearless Authenticity (if you want to join, email [email protected] - it's only $11.11)

After I came down from that high from hanging out with him the first day and I had the next day to myself, I wrote and recorded this song!

PS Part 2 of the story is available on my IG, and Part 3 will only be released to my instagram subscribers!

See you there!

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