S5 Ep8 - Embodied Wisdom, Courage, Imposter Syndrome, Authenticity & the Divine Feminine (ft Shayna Hiller)

Season #5

This episode is one you will want to REPLAY because it's really THAT GOOD and it's the first one with a guest in a longggggg time. The special soul featured in this episode is Shayna Hiller, a seasoned Yoga Teacher, Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator, Women's Healing & Empowerment Coach, and Relationship + Intimacy Guide. She shares her wisdom on topics ranging from self healing and imposter syndrome to cultivating sexual energy and embodied wisdom. You don't want to miss this one! There is so much divine magic between Rita & Shayna!


2:00 life update

8:00 why shit doesnt work out for you

7:27 the energy behind manifesting

8:03 how we block manifestations/block ourselves 

9:29 the secret to manifesting

12:14 lighting a fire under your ass

15:10 Who is Shayna Hiller?

22:00 The mountain analogy part 1 (What was the thing that kept you stuck at the bottom of the mountain?)

24:30 The POWER that we have as human beings…

25:17 The “AS-IF” principal

26:44 What Shayna HEALED HERSELF of (life threatening eating disorder, not getting a period for a decade, shedding layers, etc)

28:11 Imposter Syndrome RETURNED (and why)

30:17 the benefits of imposter syndrome (you’re actually meeting a new version of yourself for the first time)

30:40 Conscious Quantum Leaping + Embodiment 

33:55 The ego doesn’t want you to evolve

36:00 The question to ask yourself to get unstuck

37:50 What to do what you’re overwhelmed or lack clarity

38:50 Marketing from your feminine in your business

40:35 The story behind the retreat I hosted in Bali 

43:27 What is Embodied Wisdom?

45:21 Cultivation of sexual energy benefits that will shock you

46:26 All healing + intimacy starts with _____

47:35 How to source truth, energy, and finding your real purpose

49:21 What tantra is and why it’s important

53:55 #RitaRant

57:00 Traumatic experiences reside in the womb

1:01:00 The divine feminine rising - yang cannot exist without yin 

“You dont have to “deserve” to feel good. 

Feel good, and the rest will come"

1:06:00 How to connect to the wisdom of your womb space and what it can cause to come up

1:08:32 If you’re not feeling READY to share your gift/don’t know enough (feel imposter syndrome)

1:12:00 Face down crying on the yoga mat, courage, Osho, and self-trust to tread the path less traveled

1:16:29 What we’re really here for 

1:22:00 Ancestral Healing

1:27:00 One of the keys to TRUE ABUNDANCE




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