S5 Ep7 - LIVE COACHING - Fear of Being Seen, Heard, and Answering Your Calling

Season #5

Be a fly on the wall of an empowering, raw, real, and potentially triggering coaching call. Rita intuitively guides her client to bring her fears to surface to look at them and reframe them to shift the meaning and perspective of them to feel empowered and let go of what has been holding her back to finally start showing up for herself, for her son, and for all the women in the world that are waiting for her to answer her calling to serve.


What You’ll Hear in This Episode: 

Upcoming Retreat April 2024 ROOTED: Nature, Nurture, and Nostalgia in Costa Rica @ Brave Earth

 2:44 My shadow, inner child, and my leaving pattern

16:07 How to get over the fear of being seen and heard

17:49 How to know your soul purpose

19:20 Why you’re not doing the thing you’re feeling called to do

20:08 The reframe to get your ass to take action 

21:22 How to make things easy 

26:42 How to take action when you don’t have clarity

26:44 How to connect to your intuition

28:17 My secret to manifesting my inspired ideas

30:07 A hard pill to swallow 

31:24 The question(s) to ask yourself to shift out of being a victim

32:54 Another hard pill to swallow

35:00 What happens when you show up 

36:00 Why there is no wrong step you can take (starting my podcast as an example)

37:58 Permission granted - fuck what your mind (or husband) says

39:50 Client transformation story - from hiding on social to showing up and manifesting a husband (etc)

40:58 How to reframe thoughts to make shifts that stick

43:03 Why you are SUFFERING

44:00 How to get your husband (or loved ones) to jump on board

44:44 I knew I had to leave, but I was scared to leave

46:15 Do you want CLARITY and to feel ACTIVATED? 

47:30 The only green drink I trust 

48:27 How to start your day & activate your life force energy & intuition

50:02 The truth about why people aren’t supportive of you and your vision

52:00 Flipping the programming that has you frozen in fear

56:30 You get what you expect

57:00 You’re inspired…now what?

1:02:00 How to get out of your head - say it with us!

1:06:10 Does your husband manage all the money? Liberation + Freedom = Activation


1:13:11 How to know you’re being guided

1:16:00 Client shares how she felt before and after the call

1:20:00 How your environment holds you back from answering the call + client example

1:31:00 Invitation 


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