S5 Ep4 - Clearing Stuck Emotions to Become Energetically Wealthy

Season #5

In this episode Rita touches on clearing stuck emotions, repairing/healing relationships with loved ones, being intentional, raising your vibration, becoming energetically wealthy and releasing the emotions (guilt, shame, anger, resentment, etc) that are blocking you from being happier, healthier, and resting at a higher vibrational frequency. Rita shares personal stories as well as stories from Rapid Resolution Therapy Life Changing Conversations. This one is jam packed with wisdom and inspiration to make radical shifts - you'll want to have your notebook or journal handy.

Here's the Breakdown:

The Biggest Thing(s) Blocking You That You May Not Realize [4:05]

Raw Story Time [4:42]

Why People Do/Say What They Do/Say [10:53]

Repair Relationships/Release Guilt + Anger Rapid Resolution Therapy Example [11:46]

Why Saying "I CAN'T" Is Actually Empowering + Healing [13:04]

Healing Guilt/Shame/Regret (related to someone that passed) [14:40]

The Purpose of Guilt [18:46]

The Purpose of Anger [19:06]

Client Success Story - Healed Relationship Through Conscious Communication [21:44]

Client Success Story - Getting Paid For Your Gifts (no longer doing sh*t for free) [22:25]

Special *FREE* Invitation to Work With Me - Description of Qualifications [23:37]

How to Be INTENTIONAL [26:26]

Investing in Yourself (not talking about signing up for coaching) [27:01]

A Story to Activate & Stretch You [29:26]

Be Inspired by Possibilities & Raising Your Baseline [31:08]

A Raise Your Baseline CHALLENGE + Client Success Story [32:02]

Taking Radical Action (and why you're not doing it) [37:00]

The Truth is Stored in Your Body [38:33]

Getting Your Energy On Point [39:28]


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