S5 Ep3 - Bridge the Energy Gaps: Assumptions, Perfectionism, and Fear (Part 3)

Season #5

In this episode, Rita says all the things you're thinking and it's like she's inside your head. You love her and you hate her at the same time in this one. You're welcome.

Last week recap [1:40]

Bridging the Assumption Gap [5:10]

How to Set Expectations and Desires That Get Met  [9:38]

The Power of Knowing Your Love Language [10:20]

Raising Your Self Worth by Allowing Yourself to Receive [12:15]
Perfectionism & Worrying About What People Think [13:00]

The Fear Gaps (abandonment, anxious attachment, intimacy, being seen, judgment) [18:00]

Limiting Beliefs & Human Design [21:00]

How to Overcome a Limiting Belief or Fear [22:00]

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