S5 Ep2 - Bridging Energy Gaps to Raise Your Frequency and Manifest Your Dreams (Part 2)

Season #5

What you put in, on, around your body, and what you believe - makes up your vibrational frequency. 
In this episode, I discuss how EVERYTHING is ENERGY and I reveal how to elevate your vibration, raise your frequency and bridge the gaps between your mind, your body, and soul, so your energy flows and isn’t “stuck” or “blocking you. It is my favorite episode yet!


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

Everything is Energy / Bridging the GAP [3:15]

The Pattern of What’s In The Gap + Example [6:13]

How to Get CLARITY [8:00]

The Real Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Your Manifestation [10:17]

Getting into Alignment with Your Desires [11:11]!

What Makes Up Your Vibration [11:33]

Fluoride in Water & the Pineal Gland [12:50]

Food as Fuel to Raise Your Vibration [17:00]

Your Body is a Chemistry Lab [20:00]

What Goes ON Also Goes IN [26:19]

Elevating Your Environment is EVERYTHING [30:30]

Joy, Purpose, and Language Patterns [43:43] 


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