S5 Ep1 - Catching Up: Burning Man, Backpacking as a Nomad, Living in Bali, and Bridging Energy Gaps to Manifest (Part 1)

Season #5

Welcome to the brand new and improved Ritafine Reality Podcast hosted by Rita Pira, a former educator turned Soul Activator + Manifestation Accelerator.

Tune in every week for raw stories that activate your soul to courageously lead you to a healthier, happier, more authentic and magnetic YOU!  

In this episode, I catch you up on everything since I gave up my apartment and car and went nomadic!   Throughout the recap, there are plenty of laughs and value bombs so I'm sure you'll get a kick out of my ridiculousness.

I also probably say a lot of things I "shouldn't" say, but raw and real is how I roll these days.

I also share stories of mind blowing client success stories that were rapid and radical AND I tell you about a Masterclass I'm teaching this month.   

SNEAK PEEK inside the episode:  This has been an epic year of YES and going with the flow!  

*I didn't get that apartment from the last episode!

*The ER visit that changed my life path!

*Going Nomadic! *But first, Burning Man? Goddess Energy ACTIVATED.

*Costa Rica - My first alcoholic drink in a year and MUSHIES!

*Colombia - "When in Rome"

*Peru - Living in the Amazon Jungle without electricity + Ayahuasca (I'll have to do a separate episode about this one)!

*Hosted my retreat in Bali, and then another, and got tatted up (8 more since October)

*I'm still in Bali and I had Christmas Dinner at Russell Simmons' house?!   

I also teach you all about this concept of the fact that you're not STUCK or BLOCKED... you just need to BRIDGE the ENERGY GAPS that are created by different things like assumptions for one example, but this episode already got longer than I planned so I'll record a part 2 (especially because it is our theme for this month in the new Ritafine Reality Membership)!  

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XO Rita