RITAFINE REALITY Podcast Official Trailer

Season #5


Welcome to Ritafine Reality where we trade raw stories that activate your soul to courageously lead you to a healthier, happier, more authentic and magnetic YOU. 

Im your host, Rita Pira, a Middle Eastern [Assyrian] Christian woman that broke free and created a new reality


By defying the societal and cultural expectations that we were programmed to obey…

You’ll see and feel the magic of the universe as you allow your soul to play and lead the way 


Despite the fear of judgement, failure, and even being seen 

You’ll take courageous action and manifest your wildest dreams


My intention is to inspire you to be free and do whatever you’re lit up by and guided to 


To get you to stop doubting and start believing in yourself, 

and find your way to abundance and optimal health 


to elevate your environment

and reach and embody enlightenment


To release the guilt and shame

and rewire your subconscious brain 


to light a fire under your ass and get you out of your own way at last 


Moving you straight into action 

and mastering the law of attraction


My ultimate goal is for each episode to activate your soul

To trust your intuition and know that you are whole


so you can live your purpose and make an impact 


and shed all the layers of what’s holding you back 


and dimming your light 

because it’s time that you rewrite 


your life story

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