#49 Inner Child Healing Tools to Step into Your Higher Self (ft Anat Peri aka The Inner Child Whisperer)

Season #4

Anat Peri is a master intuitive transformational coach with laser sharp strategies and effective execution models that help people like you dissolve fear & limiting beliefs, unlock potential, & maximize their performance to make their biggest dreams a reality.

In this episode, she provides you with tools to connect to your inner child and Higher Self so you can rewrite the script that's running in the background, and step into becoming the director of the movie that is your life.

If you want to learn how to:

  • Release perfectionism
  • Replace self-doubt with confidence
  • Reduce busyness and stress
  • Increase clarity, easier decision making
  • Improve relationships
  • AND connect with your inner child and step into your Higher Self, then connect with Anat on Instagram - she DM's every new follower! @anat.peri


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