#48 Trusting Your Intuition Will Change Your Life

Season #4

Your intuition is your soul guiding you to what you deeply desire and what's meant for you in this lifetime. Sometimes it's scary, but we have to feel the fear and do it anyway...and expect the magic to unfold, but your intuition can also show up in ways to protect you through sensations in your body when real danger is around the corner.

Today's story might need to come with a trigger warning, but it's too important not to share.

I kick off this episode with an update on how my first retreat went, my trip to Greece with @raqcsworld (told ya it would work out), and a little rant about raising your money baseline and what's currently "normal" for you, and some kick in the ass inspiration for you to take action on the thing you've been talking yourself out of.

I also talk about my group trip Bali in October, why it's important to allow yourself to receive (and a simple way to start), the perfect storm journey back from Greece that led me to be at the same place at the same time to be recognized by a "fan" and more!

The actual "story" starts at 34:40 but you don't want to miss the update because there's a lot about intuition in there too!

1:03:00 the lesson I learned and the mind blowing detail that will shock you! It's not as good unless you hear the whole episode (don't ruin it for yourself) 

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