So I hear you want more confidence…

coaching confidence courage Feb 02, 2022

I’m going to tell you what really changed everything for me.


 I stopped caring and worrying about what people think💃🏽

That shit is so liberating because it no longer dictates how I show up 💪🏽

Ever since I decided that worrying about what people think will not get in the way of me making my dreams a reality…

I started taking massive inspired action toward what my authentic self desired to do, say, and be.

I fell in love with who I am, became obsessed with why I’m here, and before I knew it, my entire being, essence, and life transformed.

I’ve become more confident😏, magnetic⚡️, and in alignment💫 that I attracted clients with so much ease (zero systems or funnels in place) and made 30k in sales in the first month of my coaching business.

What’s coming up for you as you read this?

Get curious.


Do you yearn to be more confident in your life, dating, and business?


If you answered yes, or you felt a sensation in your body…your soul is telling you that this is all possible for you, too.


You get to level up your confidence, relationships and ease + abundance in your business!


I invite you - scratch that - I challenge you - to do something bold and courageous that you’ve been talking yourself out of (because you fear the judgment of people you know and complete strangers).


Whether it’s posting something controversial, raising your prices, or quitting your job and going all in on your business …


Choose something…


And feel the fear…and do it anyway.


What’s that thing for you?🤑


Tell me in the comments.


PS I’m offering a free 30 minute breakthrough session to become more confident today to the first 10 people that comment and email or DM me “breakthrough”


Ready, set, go!

xo Rita 

I'm offering a free 30 minute breakthrough session to gain clarity, confidence, and courage.

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