The Power of Saying Yes: How Trusting Your Intuition Can Elevate Your Life

Apr 12, 2023

Sometimes, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take. We weigh the pros and cons, try to predict or plan for the future, and consult with others for advice (which only overwhelms and confuses us more).

Have you ever thought about trusting your intuition instead of your head as your default?

What if you said yes to what your soul yearns for, even when it seems risky or illogical instead of play it back and forth in your mind and ask for other opinions?

What if everything you ever wanted was just on the other side?

What's the worst that could happen?

In March 2020, I found myself wanting to leave a relationship where I was being mistreated and felt like I lost myself.

I weighed the pros and cons of leaving vs staying and the "smarter" (financial and logical) choice would have been to stay...especially during the pandemic when job security and pretty much everything about life was uncertain, or to get a cheap apartment to save money.

But, I knew I had to leave, and I knew I needed an environment that would help me thrive.

So I listened to my intuition and left...and got a luxury apartment to elevate my environment so I could recharge my light...because I knew I needed to heal and feel good instead of wake up in a place that didn't help me feel good everyday.

Many of us have been taught to make decisions based on logic, especially when it comes to finances. We even choose "cheaper" foods to "save money" when it actually costs us more later in health issues and time. We are told to prioritize practicality over passion and to play it safe and have a plan b, but sometimes, playing it safe means staying in situations that no longer serve us, whether it's a job, a relationship, or a living situation...and that is a waste of life.

Trusting our intuition and saying yes to what our soul yearns for can open up new possibilities and opportunities that allow us to fully experience all that our soul came here for, rather than blocking it from feeling and experiencing the full spectrum of being human.

Saying yes to the luxury apartment was just the beginning.

I joined another coaching program that costed $3,000, even though I had no business spending that kind of money because I was already stretching myself financially, but I knew this was the next step fo me and that the money would come.

And it did.

As a result of this investment in my healing and business knowledge, I started my podcast and coaching business where I made 30k in sales my first month!

Soon after, I was guided to a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica that was so healing, expansive, and even taught me how to run my own retreat (which I did, twice since and once in a country I'd never been to but felt called to aftter I left the relationship- Bali). 

Synchronicity and manifestation come into play when we trust our intuition. The Universe can conspire to support us when we trust and say yes to what we truly desire.

Of course, saying yes and trusting your intuition does not mean being reckless or ignoring practical considerations altogether, although it might feel and seem that way when you live courageously from your soul...

It's not about "finding a balance between listening to your inner voice and using your rational mind"... It's about recognizing when fear is holding you back and when intuition is guiding you forward and deciding which one to listen to. 

It's about taking risks when your body feels lit up by an idea or opportunity and having faith that everything will work out for your highest good.

Notice your energy, your vibe, the sensations in your it excited? expanded? do you feel like you can take on the world? (that's a full fu*k yes!)

The moment you let your head have a say with it's logic, fear, and doubt - your soul loses.

But you can pause and notice that and choose to pass the ball back to your soul to lead you into a yes.

The key here is to take a baby step toward the thing to give it bring it out into the physical realm for the Universe to have at it. 

Recognize and own the power of your yes, trust your intuition, and follow the nudges. These can lead to unexpected opportunities and synchronicities that are your guiding light. By saying yes to what your soul yearns for, you can open yourself up to a world of possibilities and elevate your life beyond what you thought was possible.



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