Trading Raw Stories

Trading Raw Stories

Hosted by: Rita Pira

No outlines. No scripts. No research. No planned "interview questions" or pre-meetings. Just RAW and REAL authentic, genuine, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connections between two strangers that find they have a ton in...


From NFL Player to Half Monk Half Human (ft Prince Daniels Jr.)

Season #2 Episode #20

Prince Daniels, Jr. is a former NFL running back turned high performance mentor, author and entrepreneur who lives by the mantra: “Nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.” His personal story is one...
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The Truth About Why You're Stuck & The Best Life Advice Ever (ft Brandon T. Adams)

Season #2 Episode #19

Are you stuck in the how of making a dream a reality? Do you feel confused about a decision or not sure how to move forward? Don't know where to start? Do you get excited about something and then talk yourself out of...
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Money Mindset, Manifesting, & Investing In Yourself

Season #2 Episode #18

Free Coaching: Money Mindset, Manifesting, Imposter Syndrome, Listening to Your Intuition & Investing in Yourself...and more! Instagram: @rawveganrita Facebook: TRS - FB Community Raise Your Vibration Guide,...
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Season #2 Episode #17

Hey love bug! This solo episode is so epic, and rightly so for being the first one of Season 2 that kicks off 2021! You know Rita tells it like you need to hear it and it's all love up in here. This is the one. It's...
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