Trading Raw Stories

Trading Raw Stories

Hosted by: Rita Pira

No outlines. No scripts. No research. No planned "interview questions" or pre-meetings. Just RAW and REAL authentic, genuine, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connections between two strangers that find they have a ton in...


F*ck What People Think (ft Nova Xera, a Middle Eastern Trans Woman)

Season #1 Episode #4

Nova Xera, a Chaldean trans woman and Rita Pira, an Assyrian cis woman trade some really raw and real stories about their childhood, relationships, and life experiences that all women, ethnicities, and backgrounds can...
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You ARE Enough, Worthy, and Lovable. Stop People Pleasing w/these Strategies (ft. Angela Moore)

Season #1 Episode #3

Rita & Angela trade their people pleasing stories, share juicy toxic relationship details, discuss empaths attracting narcissists (and why) and have a few AHA moments while teaching you how to stop people...
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Why You Should Always Expect Miracles (ft Erica Lyn)

Season #1 Episode #2

Rita's Instagram The Show's Instagram Trading Raw Stories Exclusive Facebook Group Erica Lyn's Instagram Books mentioned: The 5am Club by Robin Sharma Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss M.D. From Calling to...
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Hi! I'm Rita and I'm RAW AF.

Season #1 Episode #1

Rita talks about all the things in this introduction while she's driving from California to Colorado for her brother's wedding. She tells raw stories touching on self-love, toxic relationships, conquering limiting...
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