#45 The MANIFESTATION SECRET that no one is talking about (but I'll teach you through stories)

Season #4

Want to learn the MANIFESTATION SECRET that no one is talking about that could change your life TODAY if you used it?!

I'm sure you're already doing your daily affirmations, tapping, meditating, future self journaling, acting as if, surrendering, letting go, and trying to trust your intuition and all the other things to manifest your dreams...and all that is well and good...

but I bet you that you're NOT doing this one thing and it's stopping you from receiving what you're trying to manifest... I only recently realized that what I was doing was a MANIFESTING SECRET that no one else was teaching or talking about (that I know of) because while I was examining and reflecting on my own life for my book, The Universe is My Bitch (and it can be yours, too) and my course "Ritafine Reality Academy", I thought to myself, HOLY SHIT, I am legit CREATING my life by doing this! It became even more apparent to me during my group coaching classes on Thursdays because I started to notice a common thing that I did in every story of mine that allowed me to manifest what I wanted or BETTER... every. single. time. and it's what I inspire in my clients.

So do you want to know the MANIFESTING SECRET that I've been using to create the life I'm living that I only dreamed of a couple of years ago...when ALL LOGIC & REALITY POINTED TO NO?

In this episode, I share with you many stories that all tie together to show you how I manifested things that simply were not the LOGICAL thing when I decided to do them.

If you want to learn the secret, listen to this episode, but if you want to GO DEEPER and MASTER IT, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE SO YOU CAN BECOME A MANIFESTING QUEEN...you can join my free webinar, masterclass, workshop, whatever you want to call it by registering here:


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