#44 I Will Help You Get Clear on Your ICA, Your OFFER, Flesh Out Packages/Pricing, & Create Your Course or Coaching Program WITH You

Season #4

When are you going to start living your life for YOU, and the way your soul feels inspired to?

When are you going to start showing up authentically and not in fear of other people's judgements?

This episode will inspire you to dig deep and listen to your heart and soul to hear what it wants, why it's here, and what it's nudging you toward. 

It will motivate you to believe in yourself and take action on the thing you've been talking yourself out of forever.

It will make you feel excited to finally create that coaching program and/course. 

It will get you unstuck and moving toward the magic that is waiting for you. 

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6:42 The REAL reasons why you're stuck

8:00 What you really want and NEED to get unstuck

9:00 The missing piece in the courses and programs you've done so far

10:58 How to get "into alignment"

12:34 My "CREDENTIALS" and experience in fleshing out curriculum, lesson plans, copyediting, marketing, sales, public speaking - all the things to help you create a course from scratch

15:00 A quick story on two clients that got clarity and confidence 

more good shit just listen-it's a short episode :)

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