#43 My Plant Medicine Retreat Experience Part 2 + LIVE GROUP COACHING (ft Shaman Ron Interpreter in person with me)!

Season #4

Shaman Ron Interpreter joins me again to continue our conversation about the plant medicine retreat but this time we are LIVE in person and have my group coaching class with us on Zoom with us! In this episode, we delve into the 7 Questions that we teased about in Part 1 and get into some deep inner work!

We start talking about the 7 questions where they come from and my experience with them.

Ron teaches about AHOSIN from his Navajo teachings - he describes how we get to see the emotion, feel the emotion, and recognize the emotion, and just let it be that - an emotion, a registered moment. "In this moment, I'm feeling sad", not "I AM sad"
You get to know there is a distinction between YOU and the feeling, and you can respond to that moment, and feel like you can actually transition out of that moment, and create a solution to come out of that.


[16:16] Approaching to your threshold and moving through it to come on the other side to a new version of you, a new gift, a new awareness, a new healing. (aka comfort zone)

[34:40] Understanding WHY you're triggered by others and one of my clients (Shirley) shares her energy treatment experience with Shaman Ron Interpreter

[38:55] Stuck Energy & Ron's Energy Treatment Explained - the body is a natural extension of the Universe. We mirror the Universe in addition to each other. There are celestial points on our body/spiritual points that mirror the astrological elements of the Universe.

[40:56] What happens when your needs are not met, how to "fill your own cup" and using the law of attraction to your benefit! (also spoken about at 54:12)

[47:16] Wrapping up the 7 questions - the patterns you act out

[47:49] How I raised my money mindset baseline to get to where I am today

[49:23] Understanding yourself and your DHARMA (your purpose)

[53:08] Unlearning conditioning and the most powerful affirmation to make your own

[56:00] 12 States of Consciousness + my experience juicing and being raw vegan in 2010 and vegan since then (and how that altered/elevated my state of consciousness) + Navajo traditions and our role as humans and our gift back to the Universe

We also talk a bit about our retreat toward the end and how it came about - check it out here:


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