The Secret to Manifesting & Allowing Your Intuition to Drive 2021

Season #1 Episode #14

This is thee inspirational kick in the ass that you need to hear before 2021 gets here and it will have you saying "THANK YOU" to 2020.

In this episode, you will learn a brand new framework to start making intuitive decisions instead of fear-based ones that block the magic that's on the other side of your comfort zone.

One intuitive decision can change your life forever and open up doors and new pathways. Rita doesn't say shit just to say shit - tune in to hear how one intuitive decision took her from working in a cubicle to living like a rockstar practically overnight...and how that led her to deciding to miss a flight on purpose that landed her taking up the entire screen in the movie The Hangover. 

You'll also learn new ways to improve your health, happiness, and live your purpose in addition to trusting your intuition!



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