Beat Imposter Syndrome & Live Your Purpose (ft Mike C-Roc)

Season #2 Episode #21

This episode is a banger! It was such a vibe. So much value, so much knowledge, so many gems and bombs dropped. You don't want to miss this one! Mike C-Roc is a major influencer in the business world. He’s passionate about inspiring people to build them selves up to reach new heights and potential in their lives. He pushes you to find out what you’re made of so today we’re going to get raw and real with him to find out who we was, who he is now, and how the hell he got here to inspire you to see that where you are now doesn’t have to be where you are tomorrow.

[3:18] Finding your purpose

[6:53] What other people think

[7:28] Being stubborn

[9:20] Looking at your life in graphs

[9:49] Turning your blocks and stucks into Rocket Fuel

[12:05] Believe it to see it.

[24:50] Finding the lessons in your childhood trauma & finding your why.

[30:00] Thrust is a must. 

[32:48] Imposter syndrome

[48:44] Turning your passions into profits


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