The Secret to Freedom, Success, & Outwitting the Devil (ft Sharon Lechter)

Season #2 Episode #23

Learn to live above the line, think and grow rich, identify your definite purpose and outwit the Devil with the one and only Sharon Lechter-a financial literacy expert, keynote speaker, business mentor, and New York Times best selling author. She even advised President Bush and President Obama on the topic of financial literacy! She is a force and a powerhouse with a wealth of knowledge that you don't want to miss!

[3:35] Don't chase the money, chase the assets

[10:30] Are you a DRIFTER?

[12:15] Your body SEWER.

[13:47] Curiosity & creativity cures crisis & chaos

[15:53] The two fears (of the six) that have the biggest hold on us

[19:08] The thing that can motivate you or paralyze you

[19:50] Your scarcity mindset

[20:20] Living above or below the line

[22:55] Who were you before you someone told you who to be?

[23:25] Women and judgment

[26:34] A roadmap to creating a successful, sustainable, and scalable business.

[32:00] Your personal success equation

[34:00] The impact of your environment

[35:22] Bridging the Bible to Spirituality & Science


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