5 Simple Things That Will Transform Your Life

Season #2 Episode #24

This episode is full of powerful tips and high level coaching that you don't want to miss. Share this episode with everyone you know so they can improve their lives with these simple yet profound tips and inspiring stories.

[2:26] #1 First thing to do in the morning before you touch your phone

[6:00] #2 Green juice, intermittent fasting, losing weight without working out & benefits of healing your gut

[14:26] #3 How to bring joy and happiness into your life

[15:09] The biggest life changing question to ask yourself

[16:25] The thing to know about SIGNS

[17:56] #4 the secret to manifest what you want

[20:00] Turn fear into excitement and play the choose your own adventure game with life

[22:15] Why you stay in toxic relationships

[21:00] Your immediate environment’s impact on your life

[23:00] How to raise your “money mindset baseline”

[27:15] #5 Saying YES to the thing you talk yourself out of

[28:33] Not caring what people think 

[30:45] Some tough love for your victim mindset

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