How I Manifested 30K in Sales from Coaching & My Dream Apartment (in February)

Season #2 Episode #26

I was a world class insecure people pleaser and queen of self sabotage with severe imposter syndrome and a splash of trust and “daddy issues”. I was also extremely codependent, needy, full of self-doubt and feared judgement (like it was my job) all while attracting one toxic relationship after the next and felt completely purposeless, unworthy, and not good enough to start a podcast or a coaching business.

I healed my shit and so can you. Tune in to learn how I stepped into some serious abundance and worthiness to manifest 30K in sales from coaching and my dream apartment in one month! 

In this episode you'll learn:

[2:30] The key to manifesting & why affirmations alone don't work

[5:09] Everything is happening in your life to lead you to your calling

[7:33] How to recognize your purpose/calling

[8:18] How to know you are close to your manifestation

[13:13] How to raise your vibration & your thoughts are manifesting what you want and don't want

[17:07] The real secret behind manifesting

[19:20] Stuck emotions are blocking your manifestations


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