The Real Reason(s) You're Single (ft Celebrity Love & Relationship Coach NICOLE MOORE)

Season #2 Episode #29

Ooh! Do I have a treat for you today! I met this gorgeous soul on Clubhouse recently and it was such a vibe that I had to have her come on this show. She did not disappoint! You will love this episode because we vibe on everything from manifesting love to uncovering the 5 dating personality types and we discuss what to do to support each one...let's just say I felt attacked! 🤣❤️

Special Timestamps:

  • 4:32 have the vision of what you want and put yourself in the environment that will support you
  • 6:40 the excuses you use for why you cant find love and why
  • 10:00 what your energy is attracting
  • 20:05 how to heal and manifest (believe + be open, surre dered to whatever is coming knowing you will get there)
  • 29:44 what dating personality type are you? quizzzzz
  • 45:00 What you can do about each type!
  • 54:00 What self love really is and how to love yourself DEEPLY 

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