Get Enlightened, Feel Empowered, and Evolve into Your Highest Self with Bee Bosnak

Season #2 Episode #31

Bee Bosnak is a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Entrepreneur. She's based in New York City and brings her vast knowledge of studies in psychospirituality, philosophy, mythology, mantras, tarology, yoga and meditation through her livestream classes, virtual immersions and global retreats. This episode is everything you need to hear right now - no matter what is going on in your life. Trust me.


Some of the standout statements she made in this episode:

"Chase freedom"

"Chase expansion"

"Chase to find yourself to be free"

"Free yourself from the dialogue you inherited"

"Free yourself from expectations"

"The dream is always an illusion. It’s always within yourself."

“It’s up to you to bring that vision you have of yourself to have the power and the resilience to fulfill the dreams you are wanting to accomplish”

“Waiting to be ready is lie that we tell ourselves” 

“If the work was easy, everyone would do it”

“If you’re looking for enlightenment, you must believe in something that is so much higher than you working FOR you.” 

"It’s much more scary to choose love than it is fear because we are conditioned to always choose fear”

“How long do I need to do this, because this is not me”

“The greatest bomb to our wounds is forgiveness”

"Have the courage to move to a new place/state/country, a new job, be alone, get into a relationship with yourself to fall in love with yourself to gain the courage and confidence to do the thing you’ve been talking yourself out of forever."

"People will mock, challenge, and talk shit because they dont have the courage to do it themselves!"

"When you are willing to look in the mirror and heal your own stuff, life gets really fascinating."

Important Time Stamps 

4:00  Roles, narratives, and expectations 

10:54 Feeling unworthy and questioning your purpose

13:00 Freedom from Judgement

15:25 Being Ready

17:58 Noticing the signs

19:00 The thing that’s in your way and what to do about it

20:26 You are conditioned to always choose Fear

21:54 The Badass Archetype vs The Good Girl Archetype

26:24 Dark Night of the Soul

27:10 Forgiveness is a bigger deal than you think

31:25 Freedom from forgiveness explained

37:40 Why you resist change (and have bad habits)

44:00 Feeling secure vs needing validation

46:44 Seeking externally for the thing that’s within you

53:00 How to tell what your intuition is saying

57:00 Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

59:00 What are you really fearing?

1:06:00 Why you’re miserable and how to rescue yourself

1:11:00 Everything is energy - what you consume creates your vibration







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