How Your Entire Life Transforms When You Fuel Your Body (ft Molly Patrick of Clean Food Dirty Girl)

Season #2 Episode #32

Clean Food Dirty Girl’s mission is to help people eat more plants while finding joy in doing so. Tune in to hear Molly Patrick and Rita vibe on everything plant-based, spirituality, addiction, self-love, forgiveness, and connecting to your intuition.

Amazing Moments

6:30 Why going plant based changes other areas of your life

9:54 How to eat cleaner without eliminating things

12:35 Your life transformation that you don’t even expect - it all starts with food as fuel

16:00 Eating clean can help you break addiction

17:00 How getting fired from a job is a blessing

24:16 Don’t wait for the diagnosis 

26:00 Why you only “quit” things temporarily!


30:31 The next level of you shows up after you step into the unknown

31:27 How she quit alcohol for good after trying a bunch of times

38:45 Really loving, forgiving and respecting yourself 

41:36 The thing that is blocking your blessings and manifesting physical pain

50:25 Food Comas are not normal!

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