Be Courageous & Confident AF to Manifest Your Dreams!

Season #3 Episode #33

It's been 2 weeks since you heard from me! In this episode, I speak into your soul as we dive into all things vibration, manifestation, finding and living your purpose, not caring about what people think, transmuting energy, and ultimately being courageously confident AF to manifest your dreams!

[2:30] How your thoughts create your reality

[3:13] Manifesting & your behavior patterns come 

[6:52] Not caring about what people think anymore

[8:16] You inherited expectations and a life you’re supposed to live

[10:02] Burst the bubble and EMERGE!

[11:21] Your special gifts+ your purpose

[12:40] Follow the breadcrumbs + connect the dots

[13:37] Be courageous and confident AF

[15:52] Get out of your own damn way

[16:24] Transmute fear into excitement and say YES to opportunities!

[17:40] Stuck emotions are dangerous!

[18:07] How to get out of a funk and raise your vibration

[20:32] What you focus on grows

[21:10] Masculine and feminine energy


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