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RITAFINE REALITY Membership - Pay In Full

Welcome home to the community that will redefine your reality and feels like family!

What you can expect:

  • Each month there will be a unique theme with a live 2 hour group coaching on the first Thursday of every month from 6pm to 8pm PST
  • Monthly Masterclass 
  • Worksheet(s) for each month
  • Challenges chances to win prizes at the end!
  • Weekly Coaching email from me to guide you and help you stay consistent that include Self Healing Practices like Affirmations, Healing Process Rituals, Guided Meditations, Breathwork, Doubt Dismantler Method
  • Special LIVE pop up events (calls) with epic guest teachers!
  • and...you'll be invited to attend our annual retreat at the end of November/Early December in Bali so we all can connect in person (NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)!

Below are the monthly themes for 2023:
* January: Everything is Energy: Bridging the Mind, Body, and Soul
* February: Inner Child and Shadow Self
* March: E-motions & Ego: the Blame Game, Forgiveness, & Responsibility
* April: Fear Factors and the Subconscious Mind
* May: The Five Self Agreements
* June: Intuition, Soul Purpose & Liberation
* July: You are Magic: the Laws of the Universe and Manifestation
* August: A Recession-Proof Mindset & Always Investing in Yourself
* September: Clarity, Intention, and Declaration
* October: Surrender, Faith and Inspired Action
* November: Courageous Authenticity and Magnetism
* December: Living a Ritafined Reality: Soul Alignment and Embodiment


Get a bonus month by paying in full!

*Your membership will be 365 days long no matter when you start. 

*Asking for address because I like to send handwritten letters and random tokens of gratitude aka gifts